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Crown Seema is basically a cleaning service company which facilitates you for cleaning houses or surroundings. You can contact us for cleaning places like floor, water tank, terrance, janitorial cleanings etc.

Whether you want safe disposal of sewage or removal of blockages, Crown Seema is ready for it. Not to worry we have a well-trained, fully professional set of team that will do the job effectively.

Keeping your household and surrounding clean has been the top priority for past years

People love to work in a neat and clean environment.Not only that even while laying around in the house they seek comfort, peace and clean surroundings and we know you are no different from them. We know that because of the busy schedules you may not have time to clean your houses.

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sewage water remove

Service like safe disposal of waste water is provided by Crown Seema. It is one of the basic rules of sanitation for living a healthy life. The proper management of sewage will lead to a healthy living and it will protect you from various water borne diseases. So why risk people’s life when you and the surrounding can be healthy, green and clean, free of diseases

Block pipe line opening by high pressure

Block pipes are frequently used for the flow of sewage to the disposal area. It also helps in preventing the blockage that happens usually because of the waste materials used often in bathrooms or kitchens. With high pressure in the pipelines will help in removal of the blockages.

Jetting machine

No one likes dealing with repeated clogs or water damage due to an unclean drain. Make sure your drains are cleaned and pipes unclogged by choosing the team of professionals of Crown Seema .We can tackle your drain clog and cleaning needs with our advanced jetting services. We perform fast, effective, and reliable drain cleaning services that leave your plumbing system flowing smoothly and efficiently again.

sweet water supply

Even if you need to place water tanks or supply water to places like the kitchen, bathroom, pool, etc we are there. From the placement of the pipelines to cleaning tanks we provide you the most professional members to do all those. Our services are not limited. If any of these tasks comes in handy then connect with us we will do it without any hesitation.

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Modern Maintenance Inc. Has Been Delivering Results For More Than 6 Years

Cleanliness is the key to healthy living. And surely we want our valued customers to be healthy and apply healthy habits. We know that because of the busy schedules you may not have time to clean your houses and not doing it will create major health issues. For the past 6 years we have been providing the best cleaning services to our customers using eco-friendly products.

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Best Service in Town

Crown Seema holds years of experience in cleaning. And we have been serving many residential and commercial areas for more than decades. By utilizing our cleaning experience and skills, we assure to make your residence and commercial area neat and clean.

We have been offering many cleaning services to the clients. For many years we have been doing our jobs diligently. Choose us for a clean environment around you and your houses.

Superior than others cheaper than most

They know you want the cheapest house cleaning services. And also they are ready to negotiate with your wills and plans favourable for both the service providers and consumers. They will also show you their plans of cleaning services and you can choose any of it.

Mohammed Badie

Gets the job done

If you’re in need of home cleaning, office  cleaning or apartment cleaning, they will do the jobs applying the best unique techniques to create hygienic surroundings. They never leaves the house unpleasant and taking entrance in the house will make you feel good and very satisfied.

Hamad Khalifa

How’s it? Awesome!

Whether it’s  regular house cleaning, or a complete lease cleaning, with your preference, you will get the type of cleaning service you want in the cost-effective approach. They will serve you according to your schedules and plans.

Mohammed Tahir

Amazing team with great skills

With advanced, well trained skills they will take full care of you and your cleaning requirements by providing great services like you want. They follow different approaches for cleaning to make the customers happy and satisfied.

Aamir Ahmad


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